personal life blog on 2023 by aedq

Jan 01: a special day (night :D) that i remember the most
Jan 02: i started creating this website and soon it will definitely be on the hosting
    upd: the site has already been uploaded to hosting :)
Jan 03: the redirection of the site was successful
    egg programmer food
Jan 04: time to solve 138 derivative equations
    im starting create "aedq resourse pack" v1
Jan 05: i lost 2.8$ on a TON coin trade
    bigrat is a very bigrat because it ate a bigcheese
    i've been making 3d models for RP all day, i think it's contagious
Jan 06: i hate the weather wtf bro
    maybe today stream
Jan 07: don't trust binary options its a cringe
    Bitcoin up! up! up!
Jan 08: for tne first time in several years, im releasing a video on my youtube channel
    upd: already released
    i really want host my gamejam, but i dont have the opportunity bruuh
Jan 09: my friend likes to have fun with a stun gun, but everyone else doesn't get the same pleasure as him
Jan 10: website has been working on 10 days
    upd: okay, 9 days because i launched website on Jan 2nd
Jan 11: by the way, my video has gained more than 900 views in about 3 days
Jan 12: today is an ordinary boring day
    I played the Forager game for about 9496 seconds
    aahhh, tomorrow to study
Jan 13: the unpleasant study day shows up at your front door
Jan 14: very boring day, not comments
Jan 15: hmm, I took a walk today, there's nothing more to say
Jan 16: my fingers turned into sausages after creating a 3D model of sausages in Blockbench
Jan 17: I love non-euclidean geometry
    fck geometry, its pringles!
Jan 18: the first shawarma for 2023
Jan 19:starting to do a new 3d modeling project
Jan 20: I made the base, small details and texturing remained
Jan 21: it remains to do a long and painful texturing, ahh
    was created in 2 minutes, its fast :)
    texturing is so boring :((((
Jan 22: fell asleep and missed an hour of the movie
    im cheese and i like eat rat
    I am now addicted to 3d modeling and movies
Jan 23: the model is too poor quality
Jan 24: my entries are not accepted for about 3 days
    i solve physics tasks using AI
Jan 25: first download on Sketchfab
    my favorite!
Jan 26: its time to texturing!
    upd: no texturing, only studying :(
Jan 27: okay, today is a texturing!
Jan 28: maybe today stream
    never play tetris with kitakot
Jan 29: motivation to earn money more and more
Jan 30: a day of reflection
Jan 31: Jan 31: Jan 31: Jan 31: Jan 31: Jan 31: Jan 31: Jan 31:
Feb 01: im sinusoid
Feb 02: listening to music all day long
    i made a 3d model and render in half an hour
Feb 03: today I allegedly won the competition for 20 ETH and even the moderator of the OpenSea community wrote to me, but I can't believe it
Feb 04: a lot of 3d modeling
Feb 05: training to music is cool
Feb 06: i finally finished the 3d model "sunflower temple"
    super productive day
Feb 07: i pierced the battery from the camera
Feb 08: day without internet
Feb 09: second shawarma for 2023
    blender moment
Feb 10: i dont have a modeling dependency
    i dont have a modeling dependency
    i dont have a modeling dependency, aaaahh
Feb 11: no ideas for rendering :c
Feb 12: i hate math exams
Feb 13: very bad day
Feb 14: guide: how to improve your life
    step 1: stop running your personal blog
    the end!
    i started creating an app UI/UX design for crypto
Feb 15: eating kiwi after 5 years
Feb 16: fcmt :o
Feb 17: no ideas for 3d modeling
    its time to film!
Feb 18: +4 USDT from the trade
Feb 19: nft
Feb 20: i forgot what happened
Feb 21: i really want to launch podcast
Feb 22: before blocking: 10 days
Feb 23: today i ate a barbecue with friends, tasty
Feb 24: lonely island ~
    math moment
    creative crisis :((
Feb 25: time to solve exams
    its a beatiful day
Feb 26: free 5 BTC from my ref link :P -> get
    rip "./house" jan24 - feb26 :(((
    spent a podcast with friends
Feb 27: time to solve a lot of mathematical problems
    1,5 hours blendering)
Feb 28: 46/100
Mar 01: happy birthday, cat :3
Mar 02: light mode activated
    i plan to launch "push-ups for 30 days" challenge
Mar 03: the school turned into a prison
    more blender
    i will definitely read a book about Steve Jobs until 2024
Mar 04: please order a megahype logo/3d render from me, and so on, please contact
    it's an addiction
Mar 05: boring day
    more minecraft
Mar 06: 100 push-ups every day begins!
    i love design
Mar 07: they smell of flowers
    i like minecraft parcour
Mar 08:Mar 08:
Mar 10: i want custom sneakers
Mar 11: i really want to watch a movie about Steve Jobs, but before that I need to finish reading the book, ahhh
    upd: okay, i finished reading the book about Steve Jobs
Mar 12: okay, i even watched a movie about Steve Jobs
Mar 13: i lost $24 on trading, maaan
Mar 14: insane day
    i started making a discord bot
Mar 15: bruuh, when will i start doing something in a blender?
    coding late at night is fine
Mar 16: why you should buy a discord nitro
    1st res:
    the end!
Mar 17: 76 days until summer
    i bought myself a cool book about mathematics
Mar 18: 67/100
    Jersey Club
Mar 19: won't watch movies before going to bed anymore
    coding all day
Mar 20: this week i plan to totally delve into my studies
Mar 21: J7Coin is real!
    i found my 2013 - 2015 photos on an old camera
Mar 22: danc
Mar 23: i shouldn't have ordered a chili-flavored shawarma
    too depressing questions of life arise in my head
Mar 24: trading
    i will definitely start reading the book
Mar 25: everything is on schedule
Mar 26: i don't want to postpone things until tomorrow, but for some reason i do
    the cat scratched my whole back
    changing friends
    ui design app moment
Mar 27: the most productive week begins
    +4 subscribers to ArtStation
Mar 28: i hate study project
Mar 29: i love LaTeX
    double cup lean sheez
Mar 30: lots of plans
    it's impossible to do something when you have guests
Mar 31: Sony Vegas doesn't launch!
    i plan to create my own pack of icons
Apr 01: April poops
    the best stream on Twitch
Apr 02: sheeesh
    getting up early in the morning again
Apr 03: spotify is unlocked
Apr 04: drill again
    after studying, i dont want to do anything
Apr 05: how to earn a million dollars in a day
    the mosquitoes have woken up
Apr 06: before exams 0.5 day
Apr 07: passed the first serious trial exam
    all headphones are half broken
Apr 08: i want to finish my studies as soon as possible
    one of my best works
Apr 09: i found so many cool clothes in the closets
Apr 10: there are 9 days left before the completion of the project, so i should hurry up
Apr 11: only work
Apr 12: i traded currencies in physics class
Apr 14: now i love binary options
Apr 15: boring
Apr 16: i have completed a study project
Apr 17: inf 70/100
Apr 18: im starting to make a commercial 3D model
Apr 19: i passed project today
Apr 20: no comm, only work
Apr 21: idk
Apr 22: 6$ on 3D model
    work for life
Apr 23: i almost forgot to write about today
Apr 24: i love trading
Apr 25: i need to be more careful
Apr 26: money, money, money
Apr 27: i tried mango for the first time and it tastes like a sweet lemon
Apr 28: sad work
    mood is reflected in avatar ds, huh
Apr 29: hosting is paid again
    music day
Apr 30: i have to finish book and movie on next week
    i haven't broadcast for a month
May 01: i can't decide
May 02: i still went outside
May 03: just want to sleep
May 04: i'm probably sick
    i havent listened Spotify all day, ooof
May 05: good day
May 06: a trip to the shops cost 600$
    i got very sick
May 07: i slept for 3 hours
    i made a video
May 08: until summer 23 days
    i played minecraft for 4 hours
May 09: the disease has brought down my productivity
May 10: skipping school is cool
May 11: i really want rain
    i like to build in minecraft to music
    a very good stream, i repeat in 50 years
May 12: i hope that by the end of this year I will gain 100 followers on twitch
May 13: Notion are a very cool app
    i cant finish the job
May 14: it is impossible to work in the heat
    mine allday
    tomorrow i start studying illustrator
May 15: i managed to do a lot of things, although half a day has passed
May 16: we see you
May 17: i passed the trial exam
May 18: after studying, i dont want to do anything so much
May 19: its a beatiful day
May 20: it is already necessary to prepare productively for exams and plan for the future life
May 21: i plan to do street workout in the summer
    pixels in me
May 22: im very tired its been half a day
    tomorrow is a special day
May 23: today i officially graduated from school
May 24: i hate exams
May 25: im still studying for exams
May 26: (exams, minecraft) * 100 - my day :(
May 27:i wish i could pour all the answers to the exams into my head now
May 28: tomorrow exams(
May 29: im taking a break from exams all day today
May 30: who iam
May 31: all day math
Jun 01: i passed the exam and the next one is in 20 days
Jun 02: summer begins with changes
Jun 03: how to earn 1,000,000$ in summer
Jun 04: now need to write something here all summer
Jun 05: i will definitely pump in two sides: streams and muscles
Jun 06: broring
Jun 07: happy bday, dad
Jun 08: i hate kids
Jun 09: my head will soon turn into a cup
Jun 10: ive been writing these messages for 160 days now
Jun 11: pushin g
Jun 12: playing games with friends is good, but i still want to work
Jun 13: im cashier machin
Jun 14: exams soon
    how to move Jam to another shelf?
Jun 15: i need to make a school presentation
Jun 16: wrkn
Jun 17: 5 cups of tea
Jun 18: wha
Jun 20: i have officially passed all the exams
Jun 21: cockroachin
Jun 22: int have time to do something, agai
Jun 23: tomorrow is a special day
Jun 24: i phon
Jun 25: im restoring my productivity tomorrow
Jun 26: borin on me
Jun 27: nothing to say
Jun 28: omg im really love this poster
Jun 29: i skiped this day
Jun 30: work for money
Jul 01: month los
Jul 02: im starting to collect documents for the institute
Jul 03: i sometimes forget to write something down here, because nothing interesting happens in my life
Jul 04: strange freelance orders
Jul 05: ive finished my paperwork
Jul 06: preparing for game jam
Jul 07: game jamin
Jul 08: game jamin 2
Jul 09: game jamin end
Jul 10: its me
Jul 11: working for money, not chilll
Jul 12: ultracring
Jul 13: nothing
Jul 14: i dont have time for anything
Jul 15: roblox v1
Jul 16: game jam starts today
Jul 17: hello its me, bruhing
Jul 18: birthday is coming soon
Jul 19: i hope that today will be a good day
Jul 20: money is coming to me
Jul 21: soon need to apply to a university
Jul 22: burger shop :skull:
Jul 23: 18

Jul 24: ultrakilllll
Jul 25: documents
Jul 26: working, again
    today is an empty day
Jul 27: i love blender
    breaking bad all day
Jul 28: hide and seek with cat hard mode
Jul 29: i will be going to university very soon
Jul 30: TON up
Jul 31: large bitrigonal dodecoicosodecahedron
Aug 01: stuck in pixels for the whole day
Aug 02: I have so many things to do that I forget to write something down here
Aug 03: happy birdday, bear
    18 of 28
    the construction company is holding on to me
Aug 04: im waiting for a call from the university
Aug 05: +32 :skull:
Aug 06: i rest too much
Aug 07: the wind blows through the whole home
Aug 08: we have released the game and hope to win in Jams
Aug 09: i officially entered the institute
Aug 10: game jam how ar u?
Aug 11: i officially entered the institute today, now for sure
Aug 12: nft working
Aug 13: im starting to learn about blockchain develop
Aug 14: need to participate in official Game Jams
Aug 15: dd1c00a0a364e1dccd4c39c5fc2c455fc76f3ea70ee07c95430a711c06465489
Aug 16: (ice cream, salad) * 100
Aug 17: i dont understand what im wasting my time onnnnn
Aug 18:my first smart contract
    more pixels!!!
Aug 19: im lazyy
Aug 20: crypto style
Aug 21: skip day bro
Aug 22: i hate mr L
Aug 23: burger 5$
Aug 24: i failed in backrooms
Aug 25: my friends have turned into Chinese
Aug 26: Blockbench all day bro
    5 days left
Aug 27: answer this is photoshop!
Aug 28: run forest run!
Aug 29: in dhe beniging enibing biginig in the nebining beging
Aug 30: i hate rigg in blender
Aug 31: last day
    tomorrow you need to stand on ruler xd lol on pensil
Sep 01: Aug 32: Sep 01: Aug 32
Sep 02: i accidentally dropped cat tray
    lecture on PE ar funny
Sep 03: game dev started
Sep 04: go to 100k steps
Sep 05: im sad
Sep 06: crypto style university
Sep 07: bye bye Binance
Sep 08: i forgot what happened that day
Sep 09: i hate math analysis
Sep 10: Not Horse Plinko is crypto!
Sep 11: crypto saves in this pain
Sep 12: hospital is cringe
Sep 13: why does a programmer need a story?
Sep 14: im sick
Sep 15: i almost died
Sep 16: who invented the lectures on physical education?
Sep 17: im Pascal Senior Developer
Sep 18: TON go to 2.7$ fck dogecoin its cringe!
Sep 19: i dont want to do anything but crypt
Sep 20: im doing design jam
Sep 21: i forgot
Sep 22: i forget to write something here, a lot of work
Sep 23: i hope i win
Sep 24: more work
Sep 25: i hate hosptial 2
Sep 26: im username seller
Sep 27: EQDFa-iHdUFhDfaI_-Ed1tb4mg1v71sU8EMKXjf4i0Kv2OfA
Sep 28: my neighbor has gone crazy
Sep 29: forgot
Sep 30: max listen
Oct 01: Pavel Stepanov is not against creating a game?
Oct 02: see u in 3 years in Amsterdam :)
Oct 03: pain
Oct 04: i want to work bro
Oct 05: telegram richin bro
Oct 06: who
Oct 07: yes discord day 1
Oct 08: plan to go to another country broo
Oct 09: i hate rain
Oct 10: today is the end of competition, in a week the results
    yur ads could be here
Oct 11: big money is probabl
Oct 12: someday ill drive dark-green Bentley near those jerks
Oct 13: doing a serious project in my life
Oct 14: i want to stay at home forever and not go out
Oct 15: i missed the bus and lost 2 hours of waiting
Oct 16: i love wok :P
Oct 17: i work again
Oct 18: tomorrow is death :((( but after the lecture on history :DDDDD
Oct 19: very slow wifi(
Oct 20: f
Oct 21: i have ur ip, chibisi
Oct 22: salad day
Oct 23: tomorrow is english wtf
Oct 24: today I won 150$ in a contest, godbye :D
Oct 25: it took longer to get to the tour than the tour itself
Oct 26: AA2 is coming
Oct 27: AA2 on repeat
Oct 28: number in 3 days 19 hours
Oct 29: the metro will be carried to the island
Oct 30: idkq
Oct 31: im stupid, but my studies are going well
Nov 01: how did I get 34 hours of passes????
Nov 02: i love math:(((
Nov 03: i feel sick
Nov 04: how to complete tasks if they are from a topic that we don't know
Nov 05: im beatfckinmaker
Nov 06: time flies very fast
Nov 07: classes were canceled, im at home and they were returned
Nov 08: im lost in time
Nov 09: im forgot
Nov 10: I will post my plug soon
Nov 11: Nov 12: we went to another country
Nov 13: easy day
Nov 14: easy day 2
Nov 15: today i attended the largest and longest event
Nov 16: my bros will get iphonesss
Nov 17: 52 tru njjjj
Nov 18: NY is soon
Nov 19: in the evening only sad
Nov 20: 1981 vide
Nov 21: cz bye bye
Nov 22: PE on street :skull:
Nov 23: i dont want to do anything
Nov 24: i think im not keeping up with my studies
Nov 25: binance has left russia
Nov 26: strong desire for your home
Nov 27: 52 yei
Nov 28: what is the meaning of life?
Nov 29: want to find a way out
Nov 30: i won't make it :((
Dec 01: last one
Dec 02: D.O.G
Dec 03: 512
Dec 04: what is beauty of music
Dec 05: Dec 06: depression
Dec 07: music
Dec 08: music 2
Dec 09: no music
Dec 10: there are a few days left until end of this blog
    need to start finishin all tasks
Dec 12: no eng again :(
Dec 13: no time, no money, no hearts
Dec 14: exams soon
Dec 15: i missed philosophy
Dec 16: math drill math drill
Dec 17: more work:(
Dec 18: mooor work 2:((
Dec 19: i hate my studi
Dec 20: sorry, but that
Dec 21: lifestyle isa musica
Dec 22: ultrakill 2
Dec 23: mom bd
Dec 24: very sadly week
Dec 25: everything seems so gloomy
Dec 26: plastic
Dec 27: freeday
Dec 28: 1/10
Dec 29: 2/10
Dec 30: Jeka Boxelo
Dec 31: LAST DAY for this website
    i cant believe this blog is going to end today